Can I use the kitchen during the evening and late night hours?

We understand many startup food entrepreneurs work full time jobs while establishing their food business. We encourage tenants to make use of the kitchen no matter the time of day. However, we encourage all tenants to be aware of their surroundings and have a zero-tolerance policy if the building is found unlocked overnight for any time. Any tenant who leaves the kitchen windows or doors unlocked or open will lose late night access.

What if I am not sure I will need the Kitchen every month?

We ask that tenants inform us the last week of the month if they will be requiring a kitchen membership for the next month. If you are going on vacation, or have a seasonal business dependent on Farmers Markets or other reasons, we do not charge you for your membership that month. Memberships paid in advance are unfortunately not refundable.

Does the Kitchen provide storage for my dry goods, spices, and perishable items? 

Medium and Anchor sized tenants receive dedicated refrigerator, freezer, and dry good storage as a benefit of their membership fee. We actively try to provide enough storage for our other part-time tenants. We ask Beginner, Starter and Small tenants to check in with the KOTB manager to determine if there is enough space to share with Anchor and Medium tenants.

Does the Kitchen have off street parking?

Unfortunately our Kitchen is located in a residential area with no private parking lot. Our kitchen is on the corner of East Third Street and Bates Avenue, both have street parking accessible. We do have a loading area where tenants can park temporarily for loading and unloading orders.

Can I rent the kitchen for private events or media use?

Yes! Our kitchen is available for full or half day rentals. We require advance notice in order to schedule and prioritize our tenants access and businesses. Contact the Kitchen Manager for more information at

Is the kitchen accessible by public transit?

Yes! Our kitchen is located directly on the Metro Transit 63 Route and four blocks from route 61 (located on E. 7th Street).