Food Business Incubator & Commercial Kitchen Rental



The Kitchen on the Bluff project enables the Latino Economic Development Center to advance their vision of a thriving multicultural community, enriched with Latino leadership, culture, and economic influence. LEDC's goals for the commercial kitchen project include:

  • Incubate small and minority-owned businesses

  • Provide a location for value-added production opportunities for immigrant and minority farmers

  • Foster the vitality of the East Side business community

  • Further create opportunities in the local food economy

Our Story

This space used to housed several bakeries: longtime fixture business Roma Bakery and more recently, A Toast to Bread who also operated as a commercial incubator kitchen. In 2013, the kitchen was shut down and vacant until LEDC and Urban Oasis partnered to remodel and relicense the kitchen. The site now includes equipment upgrades, linen and composting services, and a room for classes, tastings, and events.

Our Future

Kitchen On The Bluff's focus on serving start-up businesses, providing support for growth, and collaborating with other food entrepreneur and farmer organizations supports our vision that the Kitchen will grow into an integral piece of the local food business puzzle; not only as an important access point to infrastructure, but as a tool for connecting otherwise separate organizations and people. We encourage collaboration and substantial conversation between tenants, meet with startup food businesses to assist with financial and business planning, and continue checking in with existing entrepreneurs to help them expand their market and reach.

This site at East Third & Bates is much more than a commercial kitchen rented by the hour, it represents the essential role that a support system and understanding community has in ensuring a new business's success.